The Earth Educational Collective

Dear friend,

We would like to invite you to this educational project for environmental monitoring based on satellite images – the Earth Educational Collective. This is a bilateral project, involving school student teams from the US and Russia, which opens up an opportunity to share views on natural phenomena from different positions, and compare environmental challenges in two countries.

We live now in a rapidly changing world. Every day the surface of our planet looks different than yesterday: built-up areas expand, new roads and croplands appear, forests are shrinking, tornados and forest fires come and leave scars after them. Some of the changes cause a remarkable degradation of our environment and living conditions for millions of people. Ironically, human activities often are the engine behind those changes.

Our ability to monitor our planet; seeing the changes, and preventing negative consequences are at unprecedentedly high levels. Hundreds (probably already thousands) satellites observe our planet from space with various instruments day and night. Records going back a few decades are available in archives, allowing trained individuals the ability to spot the long-term trends. The satellite images and the software tools needed for their processing are today widely available and often for free. In the recent past remote sensing data analysis was the sole privilege of militaries and scientists only. Today school students can assess, process, and study this data to monitor their neighborhood or any remote location on Earth.

Our project offers training of several student teams from the US and Russia on the proper handling of remote sensing data, analysis of the environment in certain areas, and presenting their findings in a digital format. We plan that each team (Russian, American, or mixed) will implement an education research project in environmental monitoring and present their results online before End-March, 2022. Since September, 2021 we scheduled a series of lectures, webinars, and online discussions on the issue.

Why you should participate:

  • Participating in the Earth Educational Collective program will give you a better understanding of the practical applications of core STEM technologies. Satellite mapping is being used effectively to explore and solve some of the world's most pressing climate and consumption related issues. You will begin to learn how to access and use high definition satellite maps for scientific research.
  • Build your extracurricular resume/cv as you prepare to apply for college. Participation in the Earth Educational Collective program is a positive step toward your future in STEM.
  • If educational projects are a part of your school classes, you could do your research along with the Earth Educational Collective.
  • Joining the Earth Educational Collective will also help build critical networking and collaboration skills with people outside your country who are also passionate about our environment and the role humans will play in a changing world.

To participate, register here, and we’ll update you on the particular plans and coming events. We are looking for individuals and teams. Bring your friends! We are also looking for parents, teachers and others who are interested in STEM and who are looking for an opportunity to learn more about satellite mapping data.

Please contact us if you have any immediate questions via e-mail: